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What we think about Green Hills…

Green Hills is a great place to live. We have parks, beautiful homes, great shopping and fantastic schools.

Something we’ve noticed…

The commercial areas along Hillsboro Pike could use some sprucing up, our traffic issue is not going to solve itself and a hidden gem of a park – Green Hills Park – is overdue for some new features.

Here’s what we’re doing about it…

The Alliance for Green Hills has set up a Foundation. We want to use this Foundation to make changes to Green Hills sooner rather than later. It’s that simple. This Foundation is raising money now for improvements to Green Hills Park and for projects in the Green Hills Center (commercial areas near Hillsboro Pike).

You can join us!

Our goal for this fundraiser is $15,000. Unless you tag your donation for one organization, we are splitting the proceeds 50/50 between the Friends of Green Hills Park and the Alliance for Green Hills.

Imagine a better Green Hills for all!

Imagine Green Hills Park with an extended walking path, grassy berms and natural play elements. Imagine wayfinding signs and posts with custom metalwork, to renew the streetscape and to encourage pedestrian access in the Green Hills Center. Imagine a holiday trolley – a fun, festive alternative to the car. Imagine a flexible fund to spruce up tired areas in the Green Hills Center.

 Bermsstumps (1)Copy of walking path extension (1)

2016-03-16 Green Hills Park (1)

For more information about the Friends of Green Hills Park, click here!


Click for brochure on walkability. Thank you to the Nashville Civic Design Center!

For more information about the Alliance for Green Hills, click here.