August 6, 2015


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Working together to build a better Green Hills for all.


The Alliance for Green Hills is a non-profit organization established to advocate for change in Green Hills. 

We work collaboratively with all stakeholders, from developers to government, from residents to business owners. 

We endeavor to create community spaces and to support viable, multi-modal transportation options.

We coordinate the talent and resources in our own backyard to build a better Green Hills for all.

To unify neighborhood stakeholders.
To create beautiful, functional spaces.
To build a better Green Hills for all.


To collaborate with all neighborhood stakeholders to identify areas of need;

To advocate for timely implementation of community improvements;

To prioritize projects that will enhance our multi-modal transportation options;

To build pedestrian and bike-friendly infrastructure;

To create open, community spaces;

To beautify existing commercial and community areas;

To locate public and private funding sources for community improvements;

To promote allocation of government resources in furtherance of our goals;

To support the mission of The Green Hills Action Partners (TGHAP), which provides a neutral forum for developers, businesses and residents to share information about community growth.

Our Leadership