October 4, 2015

More News Coverage for the Alliance for Green Hills

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Working together to build a better Green Hills for all.

WSMV, December 21, 2015, “Organizations Working to Improve Green Hills Traffic.”

The Nashville Ledger, October 30, 2015, “Developers, residents work together for Green Hills.”

Nashville Business Journal, September 30, 2015, “Green Hills resisting idea of selling Hillsboro High School land.”

The Tennessean, September 6, 2015, “Alliance for Green Hills will work for better quality of life.”

Nashville Post, August 12, 2015, “Alliance for Green Hills lands nonprofit status.”

The Tennessean, August 12, 2015, “Alliance for Green Hills board announced.”

The Tennessean, June 25, 2015, “Metro plan would improve Green Hills traffic.”

The Tennessean, May 29, 2015, “Green Hills traffic plan sparks debate.”