September 29, 2015

Ideas from the Community

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Working together to build a better Green Hills for all.

This is a list of ideas submitted to The Green Hills Action Partners, as well as ideas from other community groups. Take a look and add your own!

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  • Roundabouts.
  • Sidewalks to surrounding neighborhoods (Burton Hills).
  • Walkways between shopping centers.
  • Realign Crestmoor & Glen Echo.
  • Sidewalks from Hillsboro Road all the way to Harding!
  • Reduce curb cuts.
  • Pedestrian walkways over Hillsboro Road.
  • Eliminate fences and curbs between businesses.
  • Improve the intersection of Harding Place and Hillsboro Road.



  • “Go Anywhere Van Shuttle” service. Cost would be minimal, but the retailers’ results could be monumental.A central parking garage.  Park & Shop.
  • We need a ride/share program. Try shared parking, maybe park & ride from a church lot?
  • A shuttle in Green Hills that circulates from Hobbs Road to Crestmoor.
  • A continuous ‘hop on, hop off’ trolley looping the shopping areas, and possibly linking to David Lipscomb, Belmont, & Vanderbilt.
  • Get better bus routes that connect Green Hills neighborhoods with city-wide public transportation service.
  • We need bus service from Green Hills to the airport.











  • Let’s build a public playground for the kids!
  • We need a nice water feature in Green Hills.
  • We need something attractive and cultural to see in Green Hills. I’d like to see outdoor beauty — sculptures, fountains, murals, art, gardens — something pretty to see.
  • Let’s reduce signs. We want smaller and less obtrusive billboards. No more digital billboards!
  • We have a pretty creek running through Green Hills. It should be a beautiful feature.
  • Let’s clean up the newspaper racks. Make it a single box.
  • Green Hills could use more green space with trees and flowers. Let’s create visual harmony and improve the landscaping in Green Hills.


  • We would like to see a hardware store in our area again.
  • We need an outdoor entertainment space for small local gatherings instead of more infill of homes.
  • We need a bigger and nicer library for Green Hills.
  • Where is Metro Police? Let’s ask for a mini police station in Green Hills, where officers can do their reports, walk or ride bikes on their beat!
  • Art festival. Appoint a day for festivities, juried art exhibits, yogurt/ice cream/hot dog stand/pretzels in a park similar to San Francisco’s. Major sponsorships  from retailers, financial institutions. Set up Steering Committee for feasibility.
  • Green Hills needs a nice meeting space that can accommodate 150-200 people to be used for plays, seminars, parties, and community events. The library meeting room isn’t big enough.
  • I wish we celebrated the Christmas holidays more. We need Christmas lights down Hillsboro Road during the holidays, a Christmas tree, and a holiday shuttle service.
    Let’s get more good restaurants with outdoor patios!
  • How about more residential living options close to the business district?
  • Let’s get motor scooter stewards, similar to those downtown, to provide directions to visitors & help with trash pickup. They could also be extra security for the area.
  • We need a Merchant’s Association in Green Hills.




  • Signage (in GH) appears still an issue. Some are too large and we don’t want neon. Limitations in size and material should be enforced. (We need to take a closer look at sign ordinances).
  • Let’s create an Architectural board for Green Hills, min 2yr. term. Roll-off on third, if served two consecutive terms. Those in positions are to have experience in such matters with a limited number of members, and no more than three outside of the GH footprint.
  • Put all stop lights on metal arms. Remove the numerous unsightly power lines that line Hillsboro Road. How about getting underground utilities?
  • There needs to be Metro incentives, tax abatement  or discounts for building owners to update exteriors of their buildings, parking lots, remove old light bases, and re-strip or reseal their parking lots.
  • We need continuity and cohesiveness with natural aesthetics in Green Hills. Similar to New Mexico and Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona.